Yield Strategies

Multi-token Strategies gives you more options to maximize yield rewards.

TL;DR: If you wish to farm WASABI, please follow the steps:

  • Deposit your Tokens into Strategy

  • Mint waTokens in Minter

  • Stake waTokens in Farms to maximize your farming result for WASABI.

What is the Strategy?

The Strategy is the place where users are able to deposit assets to generate yield advances. The deposited asset will directly go to target platform. For example, if you choose to deposit CAKE token in WasabiX, the CAKE token will be stake into Pancakeswap's pool through WasabiX.

Wasabix is non-custodial: the Wasabix developers do not have access to your deposited tokens.

When WasabiX harvests, all the rewards will be converted and auto-repay the debt in waAsset. For example, if you deposited 100 CAKE in WasabiX with 365%APY, your daily reward will be around 1 waCAKE. You may mint those reward to 1)farm in Farms 2)convert the waAsset to other asset.

The strategies give users a flexible line of credit for their future yield. Users can enter and exit anytime without committing to long lockups.(But the gas fee needs to be considered.)

Once deposited, user can visit Minters to mint waAsset


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