WASABI Token emission

Although WasabiX operates on two networks, the numbers are clear and can be broken down as follow:

  • Token emission number ETH Network: 30,380 WASABI/Week BSC Network: 3,326.4 WASABI/Week Polygon Network: 6,841 WASABI/Week

  • 0% premine.

WASABI Token distribution

The token distribution will be the following:

  • The WasabiX DAO will receive 7.5% of the token emission. Usage of these tokens is completely up to the community's discretion.

  • The WasabiX Experience will receive 7.5% of the token emission. Usage of these tokens is for future collaboration, marketing, bug bounties and project investment.

  • All the revenue and those 15% of the token emission above is in a multi-sig wallet secured by the core team.

    • Multi-sig address - 0xAE12469bf1ddB16082C010DFaBD293010bB8D5f5

  • The core team will receive 30% of the token emission. The 30% will split into 7 core members -

  • The remaining 55% of the tokens can be obtained by staking certain tokens and liquidity pool tokens in the Farms. Token Stakers and liquidity providers are eligible to obtain those WASABI block reward.

This token distribution allocates a large majority of tokens to those who contribute to the WasabiS Finance. The token distribution assures that no one from the development team will have enough tokens to control the protocol while rewarding them for their work and incentivizing them to continue working on the platform.

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