The place to mint waAssets and take strategies' deposits as collateral

What is Minter?

Minter is a place where users can mint/repay/liquidate waToken after they deposit assets to Strategy.

After user deposited assets to Strategy, user can mint waAsset up to 50% in amount of deposited collateral. Loans will have a absolute minimum 200% collateralization ratio. For example, if you've deposited 100 wETH in Strategy, you will be able to borrow up to 50 waETH with zero interest.

There will never be a liquidation of a user's collateral unless they do it themselves because your debt will only ever go down. Wasabix will use Bluezelle and Chainlink oracle price feeds. If a asset's value is under a certain threshold, minting, repaying with the base asset, and liquidations will be paused until it's value is back to acceptable levels. These security measures will not completely prevent the damage from an asset losing its peg or becoming devalued, but it will protect much of the Wasabix synthetic token's value.

After minted, you may visit Farms to learn more


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