What is Farm?

The Farm is a place where users can stake their waToken or WASABI to generate rewards.

Vesting schedule for farming rewards

All liquidity providers receive WASABI rewards that vest for 3 months. Rewards can be claimed before the end of the vesting period but are subject to a 50% early exit penalty.

WASABI from the early exit penalty is distributed to the veWASABI holders. The most loyal WASABI holders will stand to gain the maximum benefit upon conclusion of the 3 month vesting period.

The Reward Weight System

Similar to Curve Finance, each pool has a weight and a type. Those weights reflect on the token distribution weight of each pool.


The Reward Weight System allows the WasabiX DAO to dictate where the WASABI reward(inflation) should go. You can vote at this address:

By doing so, you can put your voting power towards the pools you think should receive the most WASABI.

These pools and weights thereof will be adjusted as Wasabix brings more Wasabi synthetic tokens to market. The priority will be incentivizing synthetic pairs with their base asset.

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