How does Wasabix work

Deposit tokens to earn yield and borrow waTokens to maximize capital efficiency.

  • Step 1 - Deposit your tokens to WasabiX's strategies. Currently on WasabiX-ETH supports wBTC, ETH, wETH, LUSD, DAI; WasabiX-BSC supports BUSD.

  • Step 2 - Collaterals(Deposited tokens) are deposited into one of WasabiX strategies you've chosen. (This could be YearnV2, Vesper, Bunny..etc)

Wasabix is non-custodial: the Wasabix developers do not have access to your deposited tokens.

  • Step 3 - A debt allocation, with zero interest, is assigned to the borrower to mint 50% of its collaterals in waToken. Let's say you've deposited 100 wETH to Wasabix, you will be able to mint up to 50 waETH.

  • Step 4 - User’s 100 wETH is now been deposited into strategies from Wasabix to earn APY, and user borrowed 50 waETH to be deposited into WasabiX farm pool to earn an extra APY in WASABI.

  • Step 5 - User's 50 waETH debt is auto-repay by the collateral's earning(100 wETH deposit) every block. User can mint more waToken every block, because it’s collaterals are generating income to pay back its debt.

  • Step 6 - User can also convert the waToken to other tokens to boost the capital efficiency with ease.

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